The Road Back to Effulgia

Absolutely consider the state in which we left Freya and Alban. Water had been secured, but more than ever the Darvanian Troops still searching for them were obviously out for blood! Now, aside from being faced with the prospect of being caught by that evil empire and the fact that the race is on to stop the war raging in their homelands, the star-crossed duo, to the extent possible, must step more lively and more carefully as they slave their way to freedom beyond the desert sands.

Suddenly, the real Thieves of the Verdis GranSecas appear and a challenge is given to the travelers' camp. Will the thieves obstruct Alban's way of returning to Effulgia and finding his ailing father only before it's too late? Will the others be blocked from the path that leads back to stop the wars tearing their nations apart in their absence?

I want to completely experience my continuing adventure that's far more exciting than ever in "The Road Back To Effulgia"!

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