The Legend of the Slave King

The Legend of the Slave King
Book One of the Christian Fantasy Series, The Road Back to Effulgia Trilogy

As you start to read this description, you may begin to realize that this is no ordinary series!

Be strong? Stay strong? How can Alban be strong if he wakes up a slave and he can't even remember his own name? When sparks fly with the slave driver's daughter things only get more complicated. Yet, inside of him, there is still a longing . . . a calling to his heart through night visions or dreams . . . urging him back to be the person he was anytime before . . . beyond his memory . . . urging him back to his God!

Be prepared for a life-changing experience, for, you are about to enter into the fireside chat of the old king as he begins the to tell the Legend of the Slave King.
Witness as close friends and family gather after sharing a meal and the characters of the story come alive, dancing in the flames of the campfire. Tales of bravery, treachery, good, and evil become emblazoned on the minds and hearts of those who listen.

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