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When EVIL comes straight at you with vile intentions based solely on a rumor, what do you do to STAND STRONG?

Based solely on hearsay that a man’s ring is imbued with a powerful enchantment, a madman seeks to claim it for his own.

MURDER may be optional.

You can, beyond your ability even to fathom, feel an overwhelming need for strength invade your mind and heart when there is a murderer after you — through no fault of your own. Keeping his wits and fortitude will be hard for this good, humble man who just wants to keep what is rightfully his — his wedding ring, his family, and his life!

The rising series which this novella supplements, “The Road Back to Effulgia Trilogy”, has people talking! 

One reader said of the series, ” It kept me captivated the whole time…It really kept me turning the pages!”

Another said, “It’s like a closer walk with God.”

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