All About Justin Kauer

As you are reading this, you may ask yourself, "Who really cares about their readers?" That is a poignant question. Most authors might not say it, but as you read their books, they lead you from depravity to depravity just for shock value and sales. And when you finally get through reading their books, what do you have in exchange for your hard-earned money? A long list of depravities! So, whom are you going to trust?

Far beyond merely creating stories for my readers, I love to offer deep explorations into the basic principles that, along with building ironclad strength through adversity, give us a pipeline to the Source of all truth. I would never tell you that you have to get all of my books; that's your decision, now. I only want to point out good, strong values such as faith, charity, hope, steadfastness, etc. that can easily, comfortably, and completely be added to your life to give you a much more powerful outcome. Imagine getting all of that and being thoroughly entertained at the same time! You will, too, because I promise to add 10% more goodness (maybe more) than you might have thought possible into every book! So, go ahead and give my books a try! You'll find that you'll feel better for having read them all long after the story ends.

Born in Idaho, where the blue skies are still blue, Justin Kauer grew up a country boy. From June to September, he hardly wore shoes or a shirt as he explored the local Snake River wild areas. After high school, he represented Christ as he served a two-year mission in the Washington, D.C. area, with nearly a year spent in inner city D.C. There he learned Spanish and a deep respect for others and their respective cultures. Upon returning from his mission, he returned to his studies at Rick College (now BYU-Idaho) and then went on to ISU. Justin is a father of three, all boys, and has worked with the youth of his church for more than 15 years combined teaching experience. With all of that experience, he has learned techniques that help to drive stories home while provoking the imagination to new heights.

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