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Aren't you the kind of person that benefits from powerful writing that transports you into a whole new world full of action and adventure and has something behind it as well? Besides, wouldn't you be eager to read a book series if you were practically guaranteed to come out of the experience with more inner resolve than you ever had before?

Simply losing sight of what is truly precious in life can lead to MURDER! Knowing that a simple but rich man possesses a pewter ring rumored to hold great power for the one that wears it, a man, driven by a jealousy far beyond lunacy, seeks to claim that ring for himself! Amid that tumult, can the rightful owner figure out how to counter the evil that lurks there in the shadows or will the honest man only become the next tally mark on the madman’s list of victims?

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Hi! I'm Justin Kauer. Don't you find value in books that are fun to read but still teach priceless lessons? If you're like me, you're fed up with a lot of stories out there. You know the kind where, because of all of the horrible things that they do, you hated all of the characters by the end — like in most modern movies, TV, and books!? Before you make your decision on investing your time reading my books, ask yourself this critical question . . . doesn't that strike a familiar tone with you? Well, I'll tell you something; it's not your fault that you have been cheated!
So, one day, faced with all of this frustration and the prospect of never being fully entertained again, I decided to do something about that. I took those frustrations and started writing away in order to make a difference, and so that you and the world over would have something worthy to read instead of the trash put out all over the place.

You probably already realize by reading this, that I'm different from those authors. My style is often compared those of Brandon Mull, John A. Flanagan, CS Lewis, or Edgar Rice Burroughs. I think I write much more like Justin Kauer, but I guess you'll be able to figure that out for yourself! The great thing is, that you don't have to spend a thing now. Besides, I've done all of the hard work for you. Just give me your best email below, and I'll send this work along to you. Let me proudly present you with a FREE sample of my wares below to get you started on our adventure together!

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